Red Barn Group


Civil Engineering

Our civil team is comprised of civil engineering professionals offering full-service expertise in site development, public works projects and transit jobs. Constant open and transparent communication is what sets us apart from the rest. This team has experience with various project types and ensures a seamless collaboration with designers.


Red Barn has been active in Green Shores for homes and revetments for many coastal waterfront projects in multiple areas throughout the United States. For instance, the tidally influenced areas have multiple facets in understanding sea-level rise and the impact of driftwood on structures with the currents. In the Great Lakes region, we are primarily concerned with wave action and freeze-thawing of the lake.


Red Barn can help our clients early in the project phase to help identify the best delivery method out of design-build, design-bid-build, or general contracting/construction management (GC/CM). Our team is skilled in helping to determine the best method using our proprietary weighting system that weighs risk, quality, schedule, and market conditions for the overall management.

Fiber Optic Design

Our engineers design trenchless installations for electrical and fiber optic (FO) design in the right-of-way. This requires a knowledge of the soils, utilities, and bore pit locations. We work with a team of electrical, structural, and fiber optic specialists to develop underground and overhead designs for electrical and fiber optic extensions. We have designed over 100 miles of network solutions.


Our firm has experience preparing environmental documentation through various forms and reports for local, state, and federal permits. Red Barn looks at each project and thoroughly vets the impacts to the environment and identifies mitigation measures. We concentrate on the surface water, land use, and traffic impacts for larger site development projects.


Our firm is comprised of hydraulic engineers with advanced degrees in mathematics, engineering, mechanical engineering, and fluid dynamics. We use our advanced mathematics to expedite modeling in 2D and 3D modeling applications. Our advanced modeling has been used to get approvals in coastal and stream projects for scour and fish passage.

Water Resources

Red Barn’s Water Division oversees projects related to streams, floodplains, shoreline stability, beach erosion, natural system design, and industrial water quality. Our modeling team has advanced degrees in environmental fluid dynamics and mathematics and regularly works with professors on published research that differentiate us from competitors.